We can re-roof or repair existing roofs or construct a complete roof on new buildings. 
The following are the type of roofing work that we undertake. 
Re-roof existing roofs. 
Repair and overhaul defective roofs – replace missing or slipped slates, replace defective lead work, ridge tile, hips tiles and finials. 
Completely construct new build roofs using roof trusses. 
Completely construct traditionally cut new build roofs. 
Construct a ‘warm roof’ on new or existing buildings using roof trusses or a traditional cut structure. 
Construct dormer window structures. 
Install roof windows. 
This gable end was once shared with a neighbouring property demolished during the blitz. It was removed and a new pitched roof constructed, allowing much more light into the neighbouring properties. 
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The bay window at the front had a flat roof that was a constant source of damp. 
A pitched roof was constructed above the bay and joined into the existing roof with a lead valley to each abutment. 
This original roof structure was changed to form a balcony with access from the two rear bedrooms. 
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