We can repair, remove or completely rebuild all types of chimneys. 
The following are all common repairs that we undertake on chimneys: 
If required, redundant chimneys taken down to below the roof level and the opening covered over to match the existing roof covering. 
Dangerous and inefficient damaged chimney pots removed and replaced with new pots. 
Chimney pot cowls fitted to prevent rain coming down the flue, while still maintaining adequate ventilation. 
Vegetation completely removed and the defective flaunching or pointing, allowing it to grow, raked out and repaired. 
Defective or loose flaunching removed and replaced with a waterproof sulphate resistant flaunching mix. 
Cracks in the projecting cornicing filled with a two pack filler to prevent further deterioration. 
Raking out and re-pointing all mortar joints with a sulphate resistant mortar will protect and stabilize a leaning chimney. 
Cracked and defective rendering removed and replaced with a two coat waterproof sulphate resistant render. 
Defective lead flashings replaced with new code 4 lead set into the masonry and treated with patination oil. 
Dangerously leaning chimneys removed and completely rebuilt. 
Bird deterrent spikes installed to prevent birds nesting on top of the chimney. 
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