The windows are the eyes of the house ; if the windows are not right the house will not look right. Having the correct style windows will give the house character.  
Victorian and period properties were fitted with the box sash window, most of which have been replaced by completely the wrong type of window for the property. 
If you have the original windows, they can be restored and maintained to work as new. If you do not have the original windows, but are looking to replace the existing then there are two choices. Timber sash windows can be made as original or PVCu sash windows are now available which look identical to the original. The timber windows are more expensive and require more maintenance than the PVCu.  
Original Sash Windows 
The original windows can be restored to their former glory. Replacing sash cords, cracked glass, damaged parting and staff beads, and restoring the pulley wheels can all help to maintain a working window. Replacing defective putties, re-painting and fitting secure window furniture are all essential. 
It is possible to rebate the original sashes to take double glazing – the sash weights will need to be increased to counter balance the extra weight. 
Well maintained original windows will add more value to your property than new windows. 
New Timber Sash Windows 
New windows can be made as exact copies of the original or with double glazing and spring balances. Being timber they will require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity. 
New PVCu Sash Windows 
After many years of evolution the plastic sliding sash window has reached perfection. Now available in any period style with optional features such as continuous horns, surface centre bars, putty line, deep bottom rail and staff bead trim. They are virtually maintenance free and the sliding mechanism is guaranteed for 10 years.  
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