When many period properties were built the transportation of building materials was undertaken by horse and cart. Later, the local railway companies were used. Therefore most heavy building materials were obtained as local as possible. 
The stonework, mortars and render finishes would have been obtained from local quarries, with the bricks coming from the local brickworks.  
Areas of damaged or defective stonework can be replaced using the same type of stone and matching mortar. 
Although most quarries have closed we can source the original stone to ensure that all repairs are an exact match with the existing. 
Damaged bricks can be removed and replaced. We can usually source the original brick, but if not available the existing brick can be carefully removed and replaced so the undamaged side is facing out. 
Some masonry surfaces such as brick would have been painted. There will now be many paint layers over the surface. Paint remover can be used to remove all the paint back to the brick. Ingrained in the original brick surface will be the very first colour. This can be colour matched to produce the original colour. Masonry paints are now a breathable coating which will allow any moisture in the wall to dry out while protecting the surface from the weather. 
Pointing, Mortars and Renders 
Where it is desirable to keep the appearance of the pointing, mortar and rendered finishes as original we can have a sample analysed by an analytical chemist. The existing material is broken down into its constituent parts which can sometimes be as many as eight and are made up from various coloured local aggregates, sands and limes. Once analysed, the pointing, mortar or render can be reconstructed to produce an exact colour and texture match. 
Masonry surfaces can be cleaned by various methods such as chemical cleaning, sand blasting or water pressure. These cleaning methods will take out weak and defective 
pointing so re-pointing of some areas may be necessary. 
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