Ironmongery / Metalwork 
Guttering and downpipes 
If the original cast iron guttering and downpipes are 
still in place it is possible to completely renovate them. 
This involves removing, completely re-painting and  
fitting back into place with new fixings and seals. 
If the existing guttering and downpipes are beyond 
repair or have been replaced with plastic, the traditional 
look can be reclaimed by fitting new cast iron rain water 
goods. These are exact reproductions of the originals and 
will require periodic maintenance. 
New ‘ cast iron effect ‘ guttering and downpipes are now  
available. Made from PVC, they look exactly like the  
traditional cast iron, but are lighter, easier to fit and require 
less maintenance. Pictured here is a PVC ‘ cast iron effect ‘ 
Ventilation Grille 
Should replacement or additional ventilation grilles be  
required, then traditional cast iron grilles are aesthetically 
better than air bricks or plastic air vents. Pictured is a new  
cast iron vent set into the rendering. 
Gates and Railings 
Nearly all the original iron railings were removed by the  
government during the Second World War. The only ones  
left in place were the houses with basement voids next to 
the pavement. The gates and railings that have been  
reinstated since the war are mostly the thin scroll wrought  
iron type which do not look right on period properties. 
Cast iron gates and railings are available from certain  
foundries, but are very expensive. 
Local metal / iron works can make wrought iron gates and  
railings to traditional designs. Pictured here is such a gate  
and railing, made to our design, which has been galvanized 
and painted. 
Door furniture 
Traditional brass door furniture can either be obtained from 
an architectural salvage company or purchased new from a  
company producing new reproduction door furniture. 
If new reproduction door furniture is used it is best bought 
un-lacquered as lacquered brass will eventually tarnish. 
The newly fitted letter plate, knocker and door pull can then 
be regularly cleaned for a fantastic appearance or left to form  
a natural patina.  
Brass door Step 
Sometimes it will be necessary to replace a damaged or 
missing brass covering over the front door threshold. 
The new brass will be fitted un-lacquered, so it will need  
to be regularly cleaned or left to form a natural patina. 
Conservation Rooflights 
The traditional appearance of the conservation roof 
window very much resembles the appearance of the  
original Victorian roof windows. Manufactured from  
coated steel and double glazed, this is the conservation 
alternative to the Velux roof window.  
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